Hand sanitizer gel dispenser kiosk for desinfection

HAND-HI1 was developed to disinfect hands where it is necessary to take care of the level of hygiene. Customers and employees put their hands on the gel dispenser kiosks and a sensor will automatically activate the release of a dose of disinfectant liquid.

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HAMBIRE - Gel Dispenser Kiosk
Models from
1 to 5 liters


Automatic hand sanitizer gel dispenser, with option of body temperature sensor.

HAMBIRE - Webcam


HAMBIRE - Display digital

Digital display

HAMBIRE - Temperatura

Temperature sensor

HAMBIRE - Sensor Temperatura
HAMBIRE - Hander

Wall version

Use the HAND-HI1 wall in order to adapt to your space.

HAMBIRE - Dispensador de álcool gel


Modern and versatile, the PLASMV HAND, besides having the same functionalities as HAND – it is an automatic hand sanitizer, with option of body temperature –, presents a larger display that serves as digital signage and allows the display of contents, namely dynamic advertising.

HAMBIRE - Acohol gel dispenser PLASMV

Remote connection

Remotely connect the HAND and know in real time how many times the dispenser has been used. This way you can predict when the disinfectant liquid will have to be replaced.

The Brain

With The Brain, you can monitor the number of times that the gel dispenser kiosk has been used, thus facilitating the management of the deposit.

Alerts are also available, so that the administrator is informed when he will have to refill the alcohol deposit.

Kiosks equipped with The Brain can integrate several sensors that provide real-time information on critical components of the equipment.

These sensors are named IngeniSensys and they are connected to The Brain hardware, sending constantly updated informations to online web portal.

In this web portal it is possible to configure actions and notifications based on the status of each IngeniSensys.

HAMBIRE - The Brain

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