Body temperature measure

THERMA Y10 for thermal temperature testing can be used in a wide variety of configurations and is the perfect complement for stores, restaurants, hospitality, health, education, government agencies and public places.

HAMBIRE - THERMA Y10 - Body Temperature Measure

Benefits for the client

It can be easily integrated into any PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS multimedia kiosk due to its elegant structure and easy incorporation.

It is equipped with an RFID reader, thermal sensor, infrared camera and FHD camera.

It can be equipped with an interactive multi-touch display with anti-reflective glass with 10’’ size.

Keep your establishment safe with the body temperature meter

HAMBIRE - THERMA Y10 - Body Temperature Measure

Antimicrobial Protection

The display can be coated with antimicrobial technology.

HAMBIRE - THERMA Y10 - Body Temperature Measure

Entrance Control

Track who enters or leaves the establishment, with the possibility of an RFID camera and scanner.

HAMBIRE - THERMA Y10 - Body Temperature Measure

Temperature check

Check on site the temperature of the users.

Integration without limits!

This interactive display is perfect for closed areas and entrances that require body temperature checks from customers, visitors or employees.

In addition, a camera and an RFID reader are integrated in the device to guarantee a reliable result.

With THERMA Y10, you guarantee the safety and health of everyone who enters the establishment, company or other building in which it is integrated.

Prioritize user security

Track and control who enters the
establishment or area, with the infrared camera and the RFID scanner, ensuring the safety of your employees and visitors.

Use the display as a space for promotions, information, social media feed, weather, news and more!

HAMBIRE - THERMA Y10 - Body Temperature Measure

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