Desinfection protection
through UV light

Faced with the global health crisis that is currently felt around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, PARTTEAM & OEMKIOSKS has implemented an innovative system for multimedia kiosks with the inclusion of disinfectant protection through UV-C ultraviolet light.

This add-on for multimedia kiosks and other surfaces contains UV technology, which cleans and eliminates viruses automatically after each use.

Movement sensor

The disinfection system acts automatically through sensors, so the system is only activated for a few seconds after each use of the kiosk or through a delayed action.

This way, the use of the kiosk does not need to be interrupted.


Advantages of UV-C desinfection

UV-C light cleans
the display

HAMBIRE - UV-C Light advantages 2

Movement sensor

HAMBIRE - UV-C Light advantages 3

Safe desinfection

How does Ultraviolet Radiation work?

Ultraviolet radiation is applicable in several areas of engineering (and not only), mainly in the disinfection of liquids and surfaces. This ultraviolet disinfection technique has been used for more than a century to sterilize hospitals, laboratory equipment, airplanes, offices, factories and water. Due to its effectiveness, it can also be used in homes, schools, government buildings and hotels.

This radiation eliminates viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, as it can penetrate their cells and their DNA. Ultraviolet rays can also damage the amino acids and proteins that protect the virus and allow it to relate to and infect another cell.

Kiosks with UV protection

This safe and powerful disinfection system that will focus on the display, eliminates viruses and germs from the kiosk glass automatically, thus disinfecting the display.


Desinfection system

Tests carried out demonstrated that bacteria and pathogens don’t resist to UV-C radiation and that it can even replace potentially dangerous chemicals.

Most UV-C systems are also easy to use and many already have remote controls, such as disinfection robots that are beginning to be used in hospitals. Other systems are, in its turn, mobile, so they can be easily moved from room to room for use in various installations or departments. 


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